Community Involvement

Peter Morin, President of Western CML Cleaners Ltd.  has a philosophy about community involvement; “The more you give the more you get as long as you give without the expectation of getting.”  This philosophy, shared by General Manager Brenda Oates, applies not just to community work but is the reason that Western has grown to be the largest window cleaning company in Saskatchewan.


The Kiwanis Club of the Queen City, Regina

Western CML Cleaners has several staff members involved with the Kiwanis Club and several more assisting with the clubs projects.  The Kiwanis Club’s major project is their annual Christmas Hamper.

Each year 25 families recommended to us by inner city schools and community organizations receive approximately $ 800.00 in groceries and a Christmas gift for each member of the family.  Brenda Oates, General Manager of Western, assists as chief shopper.   She spends much of each year going through sales flyers looking for great buys.  Several of Western’s staff also assist in the picking up the groceries and delivering them to the Kiwanis CLub, sorting and packing.  Finally, on the Saturday before Christmas our staff assists with the delivery of the hampers to the deserving families.

Western also assists with the Kiwanis Clothing Project. The Kiwanis club works with several retailers in Regina including the Children’s Place, The Gap and Eddie Bauer where we get excellent deals on clothing,  The Kiwanis Club sells this clothing through a few selected inner city schools and each sales dollar is donated directly to the school.

This allows inner city families to purchase brand new clothing for as little as 10 % on the retail price.  Last year Kiwanis donated more than $ 5,000 to inner city schools to assist them with their programs.

Stepping Stones Child Care Centre

Western’s staff have worked with Stepping Stones for a number of years both directly and through the Kiwanis Club of the Queen City Regina.  Three years ago Donna Rice, the Executive Director approached us to see if we would purchase pyjamas for children that were in care at their 2237 Broad Street Centre.  This got us thinking that we should invite these children to Western’s Children’s Christmas party.   Each year since, we have invited the up to 10 children in care at the center to our Children’s Christmas party.

My Aunt’s Place

Buying gifts for approximately 150 children for Western and the Kiwanis Club was not challenging enough for our General Manager, Brenda Oates.  She decided to approach My Aunt’s Place.  They thought it was a good idea and our Christmas party expanded once again.  Western provided each child with a gift, a meal and a couple of hours of fun at Get Air Trampoline Park.

Isabelle Johnson Shelter


The Isabelle Johnson Shelter is a related program to My Aunt’s Place.  Even more children for our Christmas party!   Western’s President, Peter Morin said it was the best children’s annual Christmas party Western had ever had!

After Christmas we met with the Executive Directors of My Aunt’s Place and the Isabelle Johnson Center.  In that meeting they made us aware of families who were leaving the Center and who had little or nothing to start a new home..  They provided us with a list of what the families needed.

This got the staff motivated and we filled a van and a truck with new and used clothing kitchen utensils etc. which covered many of the items the families needed.

Support For Team Fleming

Western CML Cleaners Ltd. is honoured to support Team Fleming for the past 2 years! We are proud to have them wear our company name on their team jackets. Good luck in the season to come ladies!


AAA Hockey Support

Western CML Cleaners Ltd. is honoured to support the Melville Prairie Fire AAA Hockey Team! We are proud to support such an amazing group of young ladies. Good luck in the upcoming season!




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